2023 Annual Report

for the 12 Months Ending 8/31/23

the DOTS

True Integration of Care


To provide plans of care comprised of thoughtfully integrated services that help those with varied abilities live, learn, work, and play throughout their lifetimes.


Dedicated to serving people in need.

Respectful of individuals and their unique experiences, perspectives, and circumstances.

Committed to excellence in our work and relationships.

Inspired by strengths and motivated by possibilities.

Motivated to promote independence as a basic human need.

Passionate collaborators in our community.

Eager to provide transparency as a means of building trust.

Grateful to receive and steward community support.


Maureen and Andy

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to share the Easterseals NH & VT 2023 Annual Report with you. Last year was one of tremendous progress as we continue to collaborate across the agency to implement the strategic plan we adopted in 2022.

We spent the better part of 2023 connecting the dots among programs, identifying existing synergies and forming new ones. The process was by no means quick or easy. We credit staff and leadership for their incredible passion and dedication to our mission of elevating all abilities. They spent countless hours doing a deep dive into our programs, learning from and listening to each other, touring program facilities, and developing ways to make every program an entrance to every other—all while continuing to provide holistic, integrated, and comprehensive levels of care to our clients at the highest standard of excellence.

We could not be prouder of all we have achieved thus far in realizing our vision of being a top provider of choice, empowering those of every age and stage of life. From business planning to recruitment, leadership changes to targeted marketing, our actions will benefit those we serve today and beyond. The following pages include details about strategic plan implementation, updates on special projects, and stories illustrating how our hard work is paying off for people in our community.

Support from friends like you, our donors, partners, volunteers, and sponsors makes all we do for our clients and their families possible. Thank you for being there for us.

With gratitude,

Andy MacWilliam
Board Chair

Maureen Beauregard
President & CEO


To achieve our goal of integrating services, we restructured how we work at Easterseals NH & VT and how we think and talk about what we do. Business planning involved many cross-organizational meetings, presentations, and internal communications about a fundamental change in messaging. We shifted from an organization with multiple programs operating independently to one united in serving the whole person. We grouped services by life stage—child, adult, and older adult. When a person receives a referral to Easterseals NH & VT for any service, we consider the other ways we could be there for them and their family throughout their lives. This approach is making for better outcomes for all and a greater sense of community for our employees.

Business Planning Success

To achieve our goal of integrating services, we restructured how we work at Easterseals NH & VT and how we think and talk about what we do. Business planning involved many cross-organizational meetings, presentations, and internal communications about a fundamental change in messaging. We shifted from an organization with multiple programs operating independently to one united in serving the whole person. We grouped services by life stage—child, adult, and older adult. When a person receives a referral to Easterseals NH & VT for any service, we consider the other ways we could be there for them and their family throughout their lives. This approach is making for better outcomes for all and a greater sense of community for our employees.

Meeting Hiring Needs

During and following the COVID-19 pandemic, we were challenged to fill positions at every level. We directed our energy and hiring efforts toward recruiting direct support professionals for Easterseals NH Gammon Academy (our Residential & Educational Services program), certified instructors for our NAEYC-accredited Child Development Centers, and health professionals for our Farnum substance use treatment program. We looked at the needs and positions in these programs from every angle. Compensation increases, sign-on bonuses, the return of in-person orientations, and marketing campaigns around the extrinsic benefits of an Easterseals NH & VT career all made a difference.

Welcoming New Leaders

In 2023, we created several new leadership roles to coordinate services across programs, build on our clinical excellence, and raise awareness of our agency. We welcomed Bruce Bacon as Senior Vice President, Human Resources; Amy Joslin as Senior Vice President, Practice Management; Kristen McGuigan as Senior Vice President, Early Childhood Services; and Michele Talwani, Senior Vice President, Community Relations. We are honored to round out our team with the addition of these talented, experienced, and accomplished professionals.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

While recruiting was an area of emphasis for marketing, so was increasing our consumer base. The pandemic influenced the number of in-person clients we could serve and shifted some of our health appointments online. Now that COVID has been mitigated, we could return to pre-COVID numbers in our facilities. For our Adult Day program, it meant we could increase capacity at both our Manchester and Rochester locations and welcome those with more advanced stages of dementia. Farnum, our substance use treatment program, could again host meetings in-person and resume in-office health appointments. To spread the word, we launched two comprehensive marketing campaigns for our Adult Day and Farnum programs.


Our Strategic Imperative

Focus Continuum of Care Integration Access

Our Enterprise Goals

Serve Our Clients
Strengthen our Organization
Engage our Community
Advocate for our Cause


New Hampshire

Camping & Recreation

Camp Sno-Mo is our residential camp for youth featuring water sports, team sports, hiking, archery, arts and crafts, and more at our fully accessible location in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

Gilmanton Iron Works

Community-Based Services

Residential and community based support for individuals with intellectual disabilities or acquired brain injuries promoting independence and inclusion in their communities.

Concord, Manchester, Stratham, Statewide

Early Childhood Services

Affordable, inclusive, and NAEYC accredited child care for children of all abilities from six weeks to five years of age at our centers in Manchester.



Providing rapid access to stable housing and comprehensive services for individuals and families who are homeless or housing insecure.


Information & Referral

Connecting New Hampshire residents with valuable information and guidance so they can find the support they need to move forward.

Manchester, Nashua, Statewide

Residential & Educational Services

CARF-accredited special education and therapeutic services for children and youth ages 5 to 21. Services range from intensive-level care in residential settings to support for individuals at home or in their community.

Keene, Lancaster, Manchester

Senior Services

Promoting better living while aging in place for older adults. On-site Adult Day with peers in a therapeutic and caring environment. In-home services include one-to-one support with housekeeping, errands, personal care, and nursing needs.

Belmont, Manchester, Rochester, Stratham

Substance Use Treatment/Services

Farnum is our CARF-accredited, comprehensive alcohol and other substance use treatment program for adults that offers detoxification, residential, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), outpatient, and provider services.


Transportation Services

Accessible door-to-door transportation services for program participants, students, and seniors that help them stay independent and connected to the community.


Veterans Count

Providing critical and timely case management and clinical services, as well as financial assistance, to service members, veterans, and their families when other resources are not available.

Franklin, Manchester, Statewide

Workforce Development

Partnering with employers, schools, and other nonprofit and government agencies to assist youth and adults in achieving goals of education, training, volunteering, and meaningful employment.

Belmont, Concord, Keene, Lebanon, Manchester, Stratham
Easterseals NH service locations
Easterseals VT service locations


Balanced and Restorative Justice

This program has a single mission: to enhance youth-focused restorative justice in the Middlebury District. We create safe, youth-based learning environments, identify skills and resource gaps, and support youth to become productive and invested community members.


Child & Family Support Programs

Collaborate closely with the Department for Children and Families and parents who are striving to establish safety for their children in an effort to help families create wellbeing for their children. This service provides five different interventions: Family Time Coordination, Family Finding, Family Safety Planning, Care Coordination, and Family Time Coaching.

Barre, Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Hartford, Middlebury, Morrisville, Newport, Rutland, Springfield, St. Johnsbury


A prevention and stabilization program that serves at-risk youth ages 12 to 23 in Rutland county. Our program supports youth and families in developing well-being, education and employment, permanent connections, and stable living environments as youth transition to adulthood.


Intensive Family Based Services

Supports children and their families facing challenges that threaten their stability and safety at home and in their community through assessment, case management, facilitating community connections, and identification of family and natural support as well as crisis management planning.

Morrisville, Newport, St. Johnsbury

Post Permanency

Provides additional support for families formed by adoption or guardianship. Services focus on helping families identify their strengths, establish goals, and locate community resources for ongoing support while addressing common issues that many adoptive and kinship families face.

Barre, Bennington, Hartford, Morrisville, Rutland, St. Johnsbury

Substance Use Testing

A tool that can monitor an adult’s progress in treatment as well as inform risk and safety when children and youth are receiving services from the Department for Children and Families.

Barre, Bennington, Brattleboro, Morrisville, Newport, Rutland, Springfield, St. Johnsbury

Transportation Services

Accessible door-to-door transportation services for program participants, students, and seniors that help them stay independent and connected to the community.

Barre, Bennington, Brattleboro, Burlington, Hartford, Middlebury, Morrisville, Newport, Rutland, Springfield, St. Johnsbury

Youth Development Program

Helps youth and young adults ages 14 to 22 formerly in foster care make the transition to adulthood and independent living. Clients determine their goals, and our experienced coordinators create opportunities for them to achieve those goals.

Hartford, Middlebury, Rutland, Springfield


People Served in FY 2023

2023 Easterseals NH and VT impact numbers



Program Service Fees & Grants$106,888,819
Contributed Income & Other Revenues$4,029,663
Total Operating Income$110,918,482


Program & Support Services$97,151,307
Total Operating Expenses$107,852,981

Public Support

Special Events (net)$925,659
Contributions and Bequests$1,068,785
Annual Campaigns (net)$372,283
Total Public Support$2,366,727
Free and
Reduced-Price Services

*Note: Unaudited Preliminary Numbers (from 9/1/2022 to 8/31/2023)




Child & Family
Post Permanency
Youth Development

Easterseals Vermont has been an unwavering ally for Alycin, supporting her longer than she can remember. Alycin was first introduced to Easterseals VT through Child and Family Support (CFS), a program that supports at-risk families separated due to safety concerns. Alycin was adopted and supported through Easterseals VT’s Post Permanency Services, which provides additional support for families formed by adoption or guardianship. Alycin’s adoption was discontinued, but connecting the dots through other programs allowed her to continue to receive support from Easterseals VT.

At the age of 16, Alycin joined Easterseals VT’s Youth Development Program (YDP). YDP supports teens and young adults transitioning out of foster care to adulthood by helping them identify their goals and create opportunities for them to achieve those goals.

With financial assistance from YDP, Alycin was able to continue pursuing her love and passion for horseback riding. She also became a licensed driver and was able to purchase a reliable vehicle and secure stable housing.

In addition to providing financial assistance, Alycin’s YDP coordinator, Leah Houston, connected her with other community resources to help her achieve independence, connecting her with tools to help further her education and helping her research local job opportunities in her career field. Alycin is now studying nursing at the Community College of Vermont and aspires to become a forensic nurse. She currently holds two jobs in the medical field, one as a sterile processing technician at her local hospital and another on her local emergency rescue squad.

Alycin’s involvement with Easterseals VT doesn’t end there. For the last two years, she has supported Over the Edge, the agency’s chief fundraising event. She has also raised more than $2,000 in funds to give back to YDP with the hope that other foster youth can have the opportunities and support she has.

As Alycin’s time with YDP ends, she reflects on how far she’s come, “I’ve enjoyed watching myself grow and learn so many things.”



Substance Use
Veterans Count

While seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, Brian was in danger of losing his home. Behind on several months of mortgage payments, he connected with Veterans Count clinical project director Cheryl Neiverth in May 2023.

“Veterans Count helped me with all of my debt in so many ways,” Brian says. “They found funding to keep my electricity on. They paid my mortgage for two months.”

Brian immediately returned to work upon his discharge from the White River Junction VA, but his struggles with alcohol continued. At eight o’clock one morning, Cheryl received a phone call. “It was Brian on the other end,” she recalls, “saying that he had been sitting on the floor since 3 am waiting to call me. He had made a decision that he was either going to call me and do exactly what I told him to do if it would help him get better, or he was done.”

Within a few hours, Brian was admitted to Farnum. During his treatment there, he remained in regular communication with Cheryl, and Gabi Teed, his care coordinator with Veterans Count. Both continued to help secure funding for Brian’s financial responsibilities.

Connecting the dots between programs within Easterseals, Cheryl says, was essential in helping Brian during his recovery journey. “We try to bridge that gap to make their transition out a little bit easier so that they are not walking out with the stress that’s a potential trigger for their relapse,” she says.

Brian has now been sober for more than five months and has even rediscovered a love for drawing as a creative outlet. “I am forever in debt to Easterseals for pulling all the strings so that I’m not worried about this and that…I really don’t have anything to be sad about. I have a really good family, and I have really good support.”



Senior Services

A Manchester native, Teddy first started receiving services from Easterseals NH as a young child following a cognitive functioning impairment caused by lead poisoning. Fast forward decades later, and Teddy and his older brother, Daniel, became regulars of Easterseals NH’s Adult Day program.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s declining health and subsequent passing in January 2022 caused Teddy to lose much of his independence. “He always lived with Daniel,” says Senior Services care coordinator Laurie Kelly. “He was never without him since childhood.”

Teddy eventually became a client of Easterseals NH’s Community-Based Services (CBS) through a referral between programs, both overseen by committed leaders advocating and championing for his success. Today, he is living with a new home care provider in Manchester.

“I kept thinking that, if we don’t connect these dots, this man could be lost, never mind in the community but in a housing situation where it was not safe for him,” Laurie says.

Teddy’s transition hasn’t been without its challenges. These have included everything from acquiring hearing aids and dentures to finding a home that would also accommodate his cat—Teddy has overcome all of these obstacles during his journey of regaining independence.

“We’ve really strived to be One Easterseals over the last couple of years, and I think Teddy assisted in opening a door for that transition,” says Samantha Scarfo, residential director for CBS.

Teddy has even taken it upon himself to get a job. He now works part-time at Market Basket in Bedford as a bagger while he continues to attend our Adult Day program in Manchester four days a week.


Our President’s Council recognizes individuals whose charitable contributions are greater than $1,000 in a fiscal year.

Inspiration $50,000+

Michelle LeMay

Cynthia Makris

Paul J. McKeon

Loretta and Robert Sivret

Empowerment $10,000–$24,999


Honorable Craig Benson and Denise Benson

Richard and Marcia Courtemanche

Robert Cushman

Kevin and Debbie Duffy

Bob and Dawne Litterst

Brian and Linda McLaughlin

Hollie Noveletsky

David and Leslie Prothro

Vivek Ramaswamy

Michael and Judith Salter

Jack and Lisa Solloway

Lawrence Thibodeau

Opportunity $5,000–$9,999

Robert Bartley

Matthew and Chastity Boucher

Frank and Irene Buhl

Carolyn and Denis Cloutier

Ron and Alice Cohen

Charles and Jaye Goodwin

Luke Gullick and Elizabeth Bauman

Paul Koza

Andy MacWilliam

John and Cynthia Madden

Owen and Beth McGarrahan

Renee and Daniel Plummer

Ken and Rolanne Sinclair

Robert Singer

Sally Stebbins

John and Gladys Sullivan

Thomas and Dede Sullivan

Fred M. Woodberry

Dignity $2,500–$4,999

Marc Arnold

Dr. Greg and Diane Baxter

Maureen Beauregard

Bryan and Ann Bouchard

Shane and Kimberly Brady

Sharon Cholette

Larry and Carolann Constant

William Curran

Russell and Maria Davis

Gary Donoghue

Mary Flowers and Roger Plourde

Andrew Gadzik

Robert and Beverly Grappone

Matthew Greenwood

Daniel and Patricia Guerrette

James and Lily Guido

Catherine Guman

Andrew and Jennifer Guyton

David and Sheila Harrold

Bill Irwin

Russell W Jeppesen

George and Sara Jones

Yan Katz

Peter Lennon and Susan Desjardins

Sy and Janet Mahfuz

Greg and Suzette Masewic

Michael and Anne McSally

Mark Melchione

Kurt and Lucie Muhlfelder

Tracey and Eric Pelton

Denise A. Poulos

Richard and Marsha Rawlings

David and Kathie Richard

Jim Seely

Eric Sousa

Kent and Donna Swanson

Philip and Julie Taub

Shawn Verbout and Joan O’Brien

Steven Whalley

Michael J. Whitman

Robert J. Wieczorek

Ability $1,000–$2,499

Mark Abare
John and Kelly Ahern
Gary and Donna Airoldi
Ron and Louise Allard
Dick and Demetria Anagnost
David and Michelle Armstrong
Donat and Eileen Aubuchon
Gregory and Lisa Bairam
Amy Baker
Walter and Patricia Bardenwerper
The Barrette Family Fund of the
NH Charitable Foundation
Upper Valley Region
Robert and Cynthia Bear
Ken BeckJim and Sue Bee
Christine Bergstrom
Jeremy Bernardo
Ronald and Bette Bingham
William and Suzanne Birchard
Robert Blaisdell
Jonathan and Marcia Bonanno
Fredric and Joanne Boswell
David Bourne
Monica Bozeman
Thomas Brueckner
David Bryan
Thomas and Leslie Bullock
Jeffrey Burbank
Peter and Susan Burdett
Wendell and Shirley Butcher
Elizabeth Carey
Bob Champagne
Kara Chase
Cotton Cleveland and John Garvey
Ellie and David Cochran
John Columbus
Brian Connelly
Robert Conrad
James and Ruth Conway
Susan J. Conway
Bradford and Kathleen Cook
Gretchen Cook
James Craig, Esq.
Sharon Craig
George and Bonnie Culotta
Hector Davila
Susan Decker and Vicki Kosowsky
George and Eileen Denoncourt
Leah and Michael Desroche
Gail Durant

Eric and Christine Falkenham
Karen Fay
Kenneth Feyl
Terence and Bronwen Flahive
Bob and Kathy Flynn
Steve and Darlene Friedman
Claire and Paul Gagnon
Joanne and Raymond Gagnon
Jason Galvin
Larry Gammon and
Patricia Stavolone
Sherry Garretson
Arthur Gaudet and Joanna Rousseau
Lyn and Stuart Gelinas
Fred Goodspeed
Michael Griffin
Wayne and Jacqueline Griffin
David H. Gundy, M.D.
Joseph and Dodi Guyton
Paul Hanley
Susan Haydock
Thomas Haydock
Elizabeth Hersam
Christopher Hooper
Douglas and Carrol Horrocks
Lt. Col. Roy and Kristina Hunter
Jon and Mary Kate Jamen
Ian Johnson
Philip Kelahan
Karlton and Carol Klardie
Richard Kourian
Brad and Elizabeth Kreick
Cathy Kuhn
Paul Labonte
Michael and Paula Lannan
Dustin Libby
Kimberly Anne Lilja
Robert and Mary Ann Longchamps
Hillary and Derek Louis
Daryl Luter
Gregory and Betsy Lyons
Michael and Donna MacDonald
Rae MacWilliam
William and Ann Marvin
Julie McAdoo
Robert and Eloise Meissner
Chris Miller
Albert and Karen Miltner
Russell P. Minetti
Laura Montagno
Jim and Donna Moody

Jack Murray
Christy and Tom Nault
Geoffrey Ness
Cliff Noreen
Dan Noyes
Charles and Paula Panasis
Robert Patrick
BJ and Carrie Perry
Dianne Peterson
Claudette Pinard
Arnold and Marilyn Piquette
Lisa M. Plotnik
Christopher Quinn
Barbara and Paul Ribeiro
Paul and Adele-Marie Richard
Garry Robertson
Cynthia and Dana Ross
David and Danielle Saitz
Durval Salema
Anthony and Joann Scillia
Tina Sharby
Harry and Barbara Shepler
Nicolle Sherrill
Susan Silsby
Leon Simoneau
Floyd Doyle Skeels
John and Virginia Skevington
Sarah Smith
Joseph and Barbara Sobol
John Soucy, Jr.
Robert Sullivan
Walter Swist, Jr.
Patrick J Tobin
Kimberley Tufts
Frederick and Jill Urtz
Fernand and Linda Vachon
Karen and David Van Der Beken
Pete Ventura
Tim Wade
Adam and Beth Wagner
Arthur and Tracy Walsh
Grant Wege
William Weidacher
Donald and Sharon Welch
Bonnie and West
Cary and Julie Whitmore
Kurt and Beverly Wicks
Gregory Williams and Teresa Burris
R. Bruce and Mary Louise Wilson
Kelly and Adam Wood
Jason Wright

Our President’s Council recognizes businesses and organizations whose charitable contributions are greater than $1,000 in a fiscal year.

Achievement $100,000+

Binnie Media
Eversource Energy
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

New Hampshire Snowmobile Association
Service Credit Union
The Mary Gale Foundation

Inspiration $50,000–$99,999

Cogswell Benevolent Trust
Easterseals National
Estate of Howard W. Keegan
Estate of Yvonne M Petit

Granite State Poker Alliance
the NASWA Resort
Swim With A Mission

Independence $25,000–$49,999

Alliant Credit Union
Citizens Bank Foundation
Dobles Foundation
Eastern Propane & Oil

Knights of Columbus #4442
M & T Bank
Northeast Communications

Operation Hat Trick
Pearl Manor Fund
Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Empowerment $10,000–$24,999

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
BAE Systems
Brady Sullivan Properties
Electric Supply Center
ES Veterans Association Inc
Grandstand Sports

Hampshire Fire Protection
HK Powersports
LeMay Family Goodworks
Lincoln Financial Group
NBT Bank
Novel Iron Works, Inc.
Peter Makris Memorial Fund
Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club

Scrub Oak Scramblers Snowmobile Club
Sheehan Phinney
Society of American Military Engineers – Piscataqua Post
TD Charitable Foundation
The Pattony Foundation
WB Mason
Weidema, Lavin & Grott Accounting, PC

Opportunity $5,000–$9,999

Airmar Technology Corporation
AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies
Annette P. Schmitt Foundation
Bank of America
Bank of New Hampshire
Bartley Financial Advisors, Inc
Bauman Family Foundation
Bellavance Beverage Co
Brown & Brown
Catholic Medical Center
CGI Business Solutions
Comcast – Northeast Division
Construction Services of New Hampshire
Continental Paving
Daniels Electric Corporation

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism
Dunkin’ – The Scrivanos Family
Eckman Construction
Elkridge Construction
Ella F. Anderson Trust
Fannie Moulton McLane Trust
Gemini Electric, Inc.
Gigunda Group Inc
Granite Group Benefits, LLC
Kingston Community Library
Longchamps Electric Company Inc.
Market Square Architects, PLLC
Michael Timothy’s Dining Group
New Hampshire Electric Co-op Foundation
Newburyport Bank
Northeast Delta Dental

Optics1, Inc.
Perkins-Prothro Foundation
Port Electronics Corporation
RX Monitoring Services, Inc.
Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services LLC
Speedway Children’s Charities, NH Chapter
Sullivan Construction LLC
Sylvester & Stanhope Foster Foundation
The BJ Cirnigliaro Memorial Fund
The Frederick Smyth Institute of Music
Triton Exteriors, LLC
Two International Group
Uncanoonuc Mountaineers
USI Insurance Services LLC
White Mountains Insurance Group, LTD.

Dignity $2,500–$4,999

Absolute Title, LLC
All-Temp HVAC Corp.
Andover Snowmobile Club, Inc.
Ann De Nicola Trust
Bangor Savings Bank
Belknap Subaru
Belmont Bogie Busters
Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund
Brighthouse Services
Child Welfare Safety Solutions LLC
E.M. Heath Inc.
Elkinton Family Charitable Fund

Elliot Hospital
Employees of Associated Grocers of NE
and AG Supermarkets
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Gargasz Enterprises LLC
Irwin Marine
JCM Management Co. Inc.
Just Toys
Lyle F. Clough Trust
Manchester Rotary Club
Melcher & Prescott Insurance
Merrymac Games and Comics

Metro Walls
Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics, Inc
Patio Barn
Rexel CLS Manchester
Sousa Signs
South End Media
Tamposi Company
The Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving, Inc.
WellSense Health Plan
White Birch Armory
Wieczorek Insurance

Ability $1,000–$2,499

A & M Roofing and
Sheet Metal Co. Inc.
Acton Pharmacy
Admiral Climate Control, LLC
Al Terry Plumbing & Heating
Amazon Smiles
Anagnost Investments, Inc.
AutoFair Group
AutoFair Honda
Avery Insurance
B.F. Garvey & Sons
Baker River Valley
Snowmobile Club, Inc.
Barrette Family Fund
Bigelow Chiropractic Center
Bio-Kleen Products, Inc.
Brickwater Property Advisors
Bulfinch Group Insurance Agency LLC
C.P. Management
Canam Building and Structures Inc.
CDW Consultants
Chester Charitable Foundation
Christensen Financial Group, LLC
Cigar Shenanigans, LLC
Club National Inc.
Coach Media
Comcast GBR Veterans Network
Computech Integraters, Inc.
Dana Patterson 1991
Revocable Trust #1
David P. and Dorothy M. Goodwin
Family Fund
Devine Millimet
Early Day Construction, Inc.
East Coast Flightcraft
Eastern Bank
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Enterprise Bank
Estate of Christine M. Sweeney
Exeter Lumber LLC
Fireside Living
First Citizens Bank

Forman Law Group, P.A.
GBR Veteran Network
Gilford Community Church
Give with Liberty
Granite Rising LLC
Granite State Lunchbox
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Harvey Construction
Corporation of NH
Hewlett-Packard Company
Holy Rosary Credit Union
Independent Electric Supply
Industrial Traffic Lines, Inc
Insurance Design Administrators
J.G. MacLellan Concrete Co., Inc.
JEM Electrical and HVAC Corp
Jewett Construction Co., Inc.
Kamco Supply Corp. of Boston
Kennebunk Savings Bank
King Painting, Inc
Kodiak Machining Company, Inc.
Leathernecks Motorcycle Club
Leopold Friedman &
Ruth Friedman Foundation
Lopstick, Inc
Lovering Auto Group
M & G Fulfillment
Macy Industries, Inc.
Manchester/Boston Regional Airport
Marzen Group LLC
Miltner’s Shoes, Inc.
New Balance Athletics, Inc
New Star Properties
NH Catholic Charities
NH Fallen Officers
Memorial Softball LLC
NH Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club
NH State Troopers Association
NH Veterans Association Auxiliary
Norgate Metal
Northpoint Construction Management
Northwestern Mutual
Omada Technologies LLC

Pella Window & Doors of New England
Philadelphia Insurance
Pinnacle Mortgage
Port One Consulting LLC
Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Rehabilitation Equipment
Associates, Inc.
Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.
RT Stearns
S.L. Chasse Steel
Fabrication & Erectors
Schroeder Construction
Management Inc
Senior Financial Resources
Sigmund Software
Sons of the American Legion
Southern New Hampshire Health
Southern NH Snow Slickers, Inc.
Sportsmedicine Atlantic
Orthopaedics, PA
St. Andrew’s Lodge #56
St. Mary’s Bank
Stafford Oil Company, Inc.
State Farm Companies Foundation
Stifel Investment Services
Stonyfield Farm
Team Engineering
The Harbor Group, Inc.
The Seifert Family Foundation
The Wicks Denniston Agency Inc
True Storage
Turner Dental Laboratory
Tuscan Brands, LLC
United Healthcare
VR Concrete
Walmart #1796
Walmart #6030
Walmart Foundation
Warwick Mills
Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club, Inc.
Youngblood Co. Inc.

Our President’s Council recognizes individuals, businesses, and organizations whose charitable contributions are greater than $1,000 in a fiscal year.

David and Eugenia Ames
Bruce Bacon
Luke Brophy
Chip Castle
John Gardner
William Grant
Kristi Lenart-Rikert

Bernard Magee
Jo Ann McCalister
Ginny and Alan McNamara
Fred Wagner
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Couch Family Foundation
Easterseals National

Lucy D. Nisbet Charitable Fund
M & T Bank
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Vermont Mutual Insurance Company
WB Mason

We thank the following individuals for their support as Legacy Society members. This group of dedicated friends have included Easterseals NH in their estate plans. To learn about joining the Legacy Society, contact Vice President, Donor Relations, Kathy Flynn, at 603-621-3413 or kaflynn@eastersealsnh.org.

Anonymous (9)
Albert and Alice McCann
Donna Beaulieu
Richard D. Beaulieu
Everett and Carolyn Bennett
Pat Bernard
John and Gladys Berry
L’Dor V’Dor Family Fund
Alexander Bosse
The David Boudreau Family
Eleanor Bruso
Ellie and David Cochran
Bradford E. and Kathleen D. Cook
Betty Cote
Andre and Diane Demers
Jamie Fahey
The Galeucia Family
Ben Gamache
Larry J. Gammon
Mark Gashi
Lucy T. Gobin

Charles and Jaye Goodwin
Christine Gordon
Shirley Gordon
Robert and Beverly Grappone
Nancy and Charles Hildreth
George and Kristyn Jamieson
Robert B. Jolicoeur
Robert and Lucille Jolicoeur
Nancy Kane
Chris and Kathy Kittle
William Klessens
Denise M. Krol
Shane and Donna Labonte
Elaine Lauterborn
Dick and Lorraine Lavalliere
Bob and Dawne Litterst
Gloria MacVane
Cynthia Makris
Margaret E. Sweeney Rev Trust of 2009
John and Beverly Marino
Ron and Cathy Burnham Martin
John C. Miles, LL.D.

Joseph L. Mroz, Jr.
Tim and Eileen Murray
Donna Ouellette
Tracey and Eric Pelton
Robert and Rose Marie Phillips
Renee and Daniel Plummer
Michael Reed
Michael and Judith Salter
Olga Senenko
Linda and William Sirak
Courtney Smith
Stephen A. Smith
Bette Sotiriou
Thomas and Diane Tessier
Elin Treanor
James and Lynda Truncellito
Raymond Truncellito
Karen and David Van Der Beken
Eugene and Veronica Van Loan
Grace Yebba
Estate of Christine M. Sweeney

Each year, gifts are made by friends of Easterseals NH & VT who wish to honor someone special. These gifts are in memory of, in honor of, or in celebration of the lives of family members, friends and others who have touched the donor’s life in some way.

Easterseals NH & VT is pleased to recognize the following individuals whose lives were celebrated over the past fiscal year.

Normande Aubin
David Baker
Betty Ballou
Carmen Barreto Heller
Maureen Beauregard
Gloria Benjamin
Bike-Walk Alliance of NH
Bryan Bouchard
Sebastian Boucher
Theresa Bourbeau
Barbara Brodeur
Liam Burns
Daniel Carow
Robert Cholette
Mary Cicale
Dante Cistulli
Max Clayton
Daniel Clifford
Sunny Coady
Brad Cook
Anthony Correia
Andy Crews
Robert Dambach
Robert Daniels
Sgt. Al Desjardins USMC
Harland Dunham
Pauline Erlman
Richard and Marie Fawcett
Louis Fink
Anicia Fojas
Carol Ford
Peter Fortier

Kristen Fournier
Albert Franz
Robert Grady
John Gulick
Ethan Heed
Vaughn Higgins
Connor Jacobsen
Dennis Johnson
Lillian Johnson
Robert Lachance
Robet Lambert
Randy LaPalme
Christopher Lariviere
Robert Lemieux
Lt Col Moses Lennon USAF
Kevin Leonard
Stephen Longo
Ron Lovering
Margaret Lyons
Carol MacDougall
Andy MacWilliam
Bill MacWilliam
Marion MacWilliam
Jared Maddock
Ameena Mahfuz
Harry Marcott
Baby Corinna Marr
Nathaniel Marr
Kevin McAdoo
Maureen McInnis
Russell Minetti
Leslie Moynahan

Warren Nickerson
Robert Norton
Tanya Osadchey
Cpl Michael Ouelette
Walter Page, Jr.
Stephen Paquin
Christopher Paradis
Eileen Paradis
Aaron Pelchat
David Pelton
Yvonne and Francis Petit
Sylvio and Irene Proulx
David Quintero
Corey Roukey
Judith and Michael Salter
Michael Salter
George Santos
Gorica Santos
Rodney Sleeper
Lawrence Spaulding
John Spofford
Jake Stigaliano
Howe Murray Stoddard
Shane Sullivan
Therese Tardif
Joseph Tasker
Capt. Charles Trainor
Christopher Varrieur
Dolores Volkmann
Darlene White
Todd Woods

We want to recognize the following generous Estate Gifts that have supported Easterseals NH & VT.

Evelyn Arell
Irma F. Aust
Marguerite Aust
Hilda Bedard
Everett and Carolyn Bennett
Josephine Bettley
Helen Brown
Adolia P. Burns
Robert Burroughs
Lyle F. Clough
Blanche Connor
Betty Cote
Alexandra Davis
Adelaide Dodge
Elinor Dodge
Robert and Helene Drapeau
Harvy Dupuis
Louise Dustin
Frances R. Finn
Henry Fuller
Alice Gadbois


Isabelle Gadbois
Priscilla Gienty
Ira Gienty
Scott Greer
John and Mary Harko
Elizabeth Hoyt
George and Florence Hyde
Roger Jacques
Joseph F. Jean
Ruth Jones
Howard W. Keegan
Irma LeBel
Josephine Macek
Genevieve Miller
Eva M. Montembeault
Katherine Morse
Helene Mrozek
Mary C. Murphy
Daniel Nicholas
Donna Ouellette
Ronald Peavey


Andrew Polychronis
Edith S. Rae
Marjory Rice
Louise Richmond
Robert Rivard
Mary Fuller Russell
Yvonne M. Petit
William L. Proulx
Anabelle Schiller
Olga A. Senenko
Marietta Sewall
Dorothy Spanos
Irma Stott
Margaret E. Sweeney
Ruth Talvio
Ann Tebbetts
Eleanor Tilton
Marion Uskuraitis
Margaret M. Vanderveer
Addie L. Walker 
Orrin J. Willson


We are grateful to the following individuals whose lifetime cumulative charitable giving has reached the following levels of support.

Chairman’s Circle—$1,000,000+ Level Donors

The late Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Jolicoeur


Leadership Circle—$500,000+ Level Donors

Dennis and Linda Beaulieu


Estate of Eva M. Montembeault


Ben M. Gamache


Robert and Beverly Grappone


Cynthia Makris


Sally and the late Mark Stebbins


1936 Circle—$250,000+ Level Donors

Larry J. Gammon and Patricia A. Stavolone


Joseph F. Jean Revocable Trust


Bob and Dawne Litterst


K. Brian and Linda McLaughlin


Michael and Judith Salter


Edgar Allen Founder’s Circle—$100,000+ Level Donors

Matthew and Chastity Boucher


Dorothy Byrne


Alexander B. Choquette


Steve and Elaine Cormier


Richard and Marcia Courtemanche


Anthony Dilorenzo


Kevin and Debbie Duffy


The Galeucia Family


Charles and Jaye Goodwin


The Labrie Family


Dick and Lorraine Lavalliere


LeMay Family Goodworks


Paul J. McKeon Jr.


Timothy and Eileen Murray




Renee and Daniel Plummer


Richard and Marsha Rawlings


Alex Ray


John and Sue Samenfeld


Robert and Loretta Sivret


The late Stephen A. Smith


Thomas and Dede Sullivan


John and Gladys Sullivan, Jr.


Tom and Diane Tessier (Nashua)


Elin Treanor


The following donors are committed to consistent giving to all Easterseals NH & VT programs.

Lisa and William Allard
Susan J. Allen
Martha Anthony
Michael and Jennifer Auyer Diane Baron
Vivian Beadle
Maureen Beauregard
Richard P. Beck
Meghan Bilz
Douglas Bissonnette Jacquelyne R. Blacker
Lynn Blais
James Blaye
Melissa Boehner
Bryan Bouchard
Jane Brown
Jason A. Brown
Robert Burgess

Sandra Canfield
Jill Cantara
Donna Cardoso
Darryl Champney
Germaine Chapman
Nigal Chapman
Brian Chaput
Donald Cima
Maj Gen and Mrs. Kenneth Clark, Ret
Marcia Clark
Matthew Cleary-Arel
Bobbie Connolly
Gretchen M. Cook
Roberta Coutu
Margaret Cross
Karen Dellovo
Elizabeth Densmore
Kimberly DesRosiers

Johnathan Doughten
Frank Drake
Mary Lou Dunn
Michelle Edwards
Annette Escalante
Janet Finn
Renee and Michael Fisher
Robert and Kathy Flynn
Timothy Fyfe
Brenda Gaffney Larkin
Claire and Paul Gagnon
Christopher Gallant
Kelly Gannett
Sherry Garretson
Matthew Ghelli
Katherine Goetz
Fred and Bittie Goodspeed
Douglas Grady and Jane McMahon


Military & Veterans Campus

A first-of-its-kind to serve those who served.

In early 2022, Easterseals NH was awarded $23M from the State of NH through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State Fiscal Recovery Funds(SFRF) to develop a campus for military members and their families. Easterseals NH has a 15-acre campus and facilities in Franklin that will be developed into a center of excellence and first-of-its-kind in New Hampshire.

The campus will provide enhanced support for military community members and their families through access to a variety of services and recreation activities in one location. A ceremonial groundbreaking of our Military & Veterans Campus was hosted in September 2023, with more than 300 community partners attending. 

The campus is expected to complete its first phase by early 2025. The first phase will include affordable housing (30 units of permanent affordable rental housing for veterans), a hub of services, and portions of the retreat center. Additional funds will be raised to make the retreat center fully accessible and to build a multipurpose therapeutic recreation building, military themed playground, and outdoor performance stage.

Champlin Place

Affordable Apartment Community for Ages 62+

Champlin Place sits on beautiful wooded acreage in Rochester, New Hampshire and will be ready for occupancy in January 2024. The property is designed to meet the needs of residents 62 years of age or older who want to live in an affordable, well-equipped, modern apartment in an independent living setting. Residents will benefit from easy access to a full array of Easterseals NH’s supportive services.

With 65 one- and two-bedroom apartment homes (60 one-bedroom and five two-bedroom), the three story, secured entry building features elevators, indoor mail delivery, a community room and a social room. Each level of the building has laundry and trash rooms. Apartments feature modern finishes, large windows, walk-in closets, and all kitchen appliances, including a dishwasher and microwave. Other features include property-wide smoke-free living, outdoor leisure space and on-site parking. Heat and hot water are included in the rental rate. All units are constructed to facilitate independent living. Five units are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design.

New Gammon Academy School

Empowering every learner: A true Center of Excellence

Easterseals NH is embarking on building a new purpose-built school for its Manchester-based residential-education programs on its Zachary Road campus. The new Gammon Academy School is specifically designed to meet the accessibility standards the students we serve deserve. A true center of excellence, the school will have larger classrooms, upgraded technology, wider hallways to accommodate students with mobility aids, student support rooms, and space where therapists can provide occupational, speech, and physical therapy sessions.

Easterseals NH was awarded $5M in Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery funding from the State of New Hampshire to design and build a new school on our Zachary Road campus in Manchester, with the goal to enhance our residential-education programs. We matched this funding with our own $5M.  Construction of the new school began in October 2023, with an estimated completion date of September 30, 2024.

The new two-story, 27,340 square foot school will replace our existing two schools in Manchester and will feature three staff conference rooms, a new accessible playground, upgraded technology such as smart monitors for each classroom, and eight rooms for speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other therapeutic care.


22nd Annual HK Powersports Land & Lake Poker Run

On July 8, over 500 participants gathered at The NASWA Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee for the 22nd Annual HK Powersports Land & Lake Poker Run to benefit Easterseals NH’s core programs. A Lakes Region tradition, the event raised over $100,000, bringing the total donations over the years to $1.7 million. This year’s pirate theme was a crowd pleaser, with boats, cars, and participants decked out for adventure and the grand finale Buccaneer Bash on the beach at the NazBar. Pirate’s hats off to our volunteer event organizers, who attended to every detail to make this Poker Run one of our best. Many thanks to our sponsors and all who donated items to our auction.

Eversource Walk & 5K Run

Over 1,300 participants registered for the Eversource Walk & 5K Run for Easterseals NH held in downtown Manchester NH’s Veterans Park on June 1, raising over $140,000 for our programs. Hundreds braved the unseasonably hot and humid weather on race day to run and walk in support of their neighbors. Volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and our in-house DJ kept the atmosphere fun and lively before the shotgun start at 6 pm. Teams, individuals, and families enjoyed food trucks, city views from the Eversource bucket truck, and Wellness Alley vendor tables. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the event’s success.


Easterseals NH Board of Directors
Bradford Cook, Esq, Linda Uliva James, Tracey Pelton, Charles S. Goodwin, Matthew Boucher, PAST CHAIR, Ryan C. Fox, Eddie Edwards
William Lambrukos, Mary Flowers, SECRETARY, Nathan Saller, Andy MacWilliam, CHAIR, Gregory Baxter, MD, Linda Roth, Bryan Bouchard, TREASURER
Tom Sullivan, VICE CHAIRMAN, Paul E. Voegelin, ASST TREASURER, Trevor Arp, Rick Courtemanche, Elizabeth Hitchcock, Lucy Lange, Richard Rawlings, Sanjeev Srinivasan, Susan Martore-Baker, Tim Wade, Rob Wieczorek